How to unblock youtube in Pakistan

In my last post i have posted a beautiful social media widget for blogger. Today i am going to show you that how youtube can be opened in Pakistan. As all of you know that YouTube blocked in Pakistan due to some material against over beloved profit(P.B.U.H). Even after Blocking YouTube, they are not ready to remove that material  that's why about 5,6 months have passed but the site is still blocked in Pakistan.
How to unblock youtube in Pakistan
Open YouTube in Pakistan
YouTube is also a source of information and many online courses are hosted on YouTube free of cost. That's why people who were getting free knowledge are not able to learn anything now. So for those who are going to use YouTube for educational purposes , i am going to tell them a new trick to unblock YouTube in Pakistan.
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How to unblock YouTube in Pakistan?

There are two ways of unblocking YouTube.
  • Using proxy sites
  • Using softwares

Unblock YouTube with proxy:

This is the first way to open blocked sites in Pakistan. There are many proxy sites to open blocked sites. I am listing some of the proxy sites below. You can use them to unblock sites in Pakistan.

Simply inert the URL in the require space and click open . These sites will simply open blocked sites. The benefit of proxy sites is that it is an easy way to access blocked sites but if you are using a proxy site then your browsing as well as streaming speed is badly effected.

SO, the recommended way by me is the use of software.

Use software to open YouTube:

The best software to open blocked site is Hotspot Shield. It is a free software available on the internet which will help you to hide your identity. Even it can block Google tracking. You can download the software from the link below.
After downloading the software, follow the following steps to install the software.

Open hotspot shield.exe to start the installation.
  • Click on Install
How to unblock youtube in Pakistan
  • Wait for some time
How to unblock youtube in Pakistan
  • Now click on finish
How to unblock youtube in Pakistan
Here we go ,we have installed the software now Follow the following steps to connect to the internet anonymously.
  • Click on Connect
How to unblock youtube in Pakistan
  • Wait for some until software hide your original ip.
How to unblock youtube in Pakistan
  • When it is connected to some other ip then red icon turns into green
How to unblock youtube in Pakistan

So now what ever you are surfing on Internet , your identity is anonymous to every one. You can open You tube or any other blocked site which you want to open. 2nd one is the best method to open YouTube in Pakistan.
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