Blogger tutorial 11: How to write a blog post?

This video tutorial is the part of series "Blogger tutorials in Urdu". In my last video tutorial, i explained Blogger setting tab. In this tutorial, i am going to explain the basic options available in Blogger new post option. There is a video tutorial in Urdu with English subtitles. I have uploaded it on YouTube and Daily motion as YouTube is blocked in Pakistan.
You can also read video transcription below the Video tutorials.
Blogger tutorial 12: How to write a blog post?
Blogger tutorial: Writing new post in blogger.
YouTube video:

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Important points covered in this tutorial:

How to write a new post in blogger?
Blogger post editing options.
Blogger post setting options.
Adding images and videos in Blogger post.
Publish your first Blogger post.

Daily motion video:

Video transcription:

How to write a new post in blogger?

Log in to your blogger account. Go to Blogger dashboard ==> new post. A new page with post editing options will open.

Post Editing Options:

There are different options available to edit a post and we will study them one by one.

Post editing options in blogger
  • Title: Add a title to your post. Title gives the main idea of your post. A title should be brief and descriptive.
  • Post writing section: You can write your post and edit as per your requirement.
  • HTML: Use to view the HTML tags used in the post. To view the full code for your post, click on HTML.
  • Compose: This option implements all HTML tags to your post and you can simply see the text with all the implemented tags.
  • Undo: You can remove all changes from your post.
  • Redo: Allows you to go to the beginning points after changes.
  • Font style: Change the font style of text. Select the required text and choose the font from available fonts.
  • Font size: Change the size of your text. There are different options available. Select the text and choose a font size from options.
  • Heading: Add headings to your important text. Different tags can be added to text like h1, h2 etc. Three heading styles are available.
  • You can bold, italic or strike through the text.
  • Color: Change the color of text by selecting the text and choosing a color from options. You can also change the back ground color of text.
  • Link: Add a link to the text. Select the text and add the link. You can also add no follow attribute to link.
  • Add Image: There are different ways of adding images.
  • Upload: to upload images from your computer.
  • From the blog: Choose old images from your blog.
  • From Picasa web albums: Picasa is integrated with your Google account. Simply choose an album and upload images.
  • From your phone: Upload images from your phone.
  • From webcam: Use webcam to take images.
  • From a URL: Copy a URL and paste in this option. Blogger will automatically crawl the image.
  • Add Videos: There are different options available to add video.
  • Upload: Choose a video from computer and upload it to your blog.
  • From YouTube: Search video and add it to your post.
  • My YouTube videos: Choose videos from your own uploaded files on YouTube.
  • From your phone: Add a file from phone.
  • Use webcam: Allows you to add video using webcam.
  • Add page break: Page break ads read more directly to your post.
  • Alignment: Align your text. You can side align, justify or right align text.
  • You can add counting, bullets and wrap your text in quotes.
  • Remove text format: If you want to remove text formats then simply click "Remove text format" button and all text formats will be removed.
  • Spell check: Allows you to check common spelling mistakes.
  • Write in Urdu: Whatever you will write, it will be automatically converted to Urdu.
  • Start writing format: Allows you to choose your writing format. Start writing from left or right.
  • Preview: See your post visually.

Post setting options:

Blogger post settings

  • Blogger labels: Give labels to similar posts. Label allows you to make different categories for your post.
  • Published date: Adjust the date of publication for your post.
  • Link: Blogger will automatically add a link or you can choose a custom link for your post.
  • Location: Add location to your post. Adding location is a good on page seo practice.
  • Search Description: Add a little description about your post. This is Meta description and it is also an important on page seo factor.
  • Options: There are different options like no follow etc. which allows you to adjust your post for search engines.

What next?

It is recommended to watch all blogger tutorials to have complete information regarding blogger. I will update these tutorials and i will also upload new video tutorials. To get these video tutorials, follow me on YouTube and daily motion.
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