5 useful seo add-ons and browser extensions for bloggers

There are many seo tools available on internet and many of us are using them. These tools usually require login details and even most of them are not available for free. For blogger like me the trial version are not good. But what if our browser can do everything for us and we don’t need to visit these seo tools again.
useful seo extensions and add-ons
Useful seo extensions and add-ons
Yes there are many seo extensions available for different browsers that can make your work easy. These seo extensions help you to improve ranking factors of your website. You can get details about page rank, keyword density, alexa rank, back links, social media stats, internal and external linking and much more. The best thing is that these extensions are free of cost and one can use them as many times as he wants without any fear.

If you are a regular blogger who wants to get latest stats about his and his competitor’s website then I am listing below 5 useful seo extensions and add-ons which can help you to improve your ranking.

1. Seobook Firefox extension:

Seobook is famous for its online webmaster tools right at your finger tips that’s why more
than 500000 webmaster use these tools. Beside this they also provide some useful seo extensions but these extensions are only available for firefox.

To install these extensions in firefox, you need to sign up for new account at seobook. After signing up they will provide you the downloading link for these add-ons and the instructions to install them.
The following three famous extensions are available.

Seo toolbar:
Seo toolbar

It appears on the top of browser and pulls many useful data. The basic features of this toolbar are,
  • Link information: Provide you a complete overview of the linking domain. Provide total number of back links pointing toward the domain, Links directing to the domain, .edu and .gov link details and complete link profile provided by ahref.
  • Directory information: Extract data from famous directories like total number of pages listed in DMOZ. Provides information whether the site is listed on yahoo directory or not.
  • Important seo factors: This toolbar directly displays page rank, blekko rank, compete link analysis, traffic value.
  • Competitive link analysis: This option links you to important competitive research tools. You can directly get your webpage stats using compete, Alexa, Google trends, Quantcast, Semrush. You can get whois details, ip address, server header and change user agents to detect how bots see your page.
  • Site info: Let you get all information at one place and one good thing about this toolbar is that you can also export this data in excel format.
  • Highlight nofollow links: This option can be turned on or off in the toolbar.
  • Seo x-ray: The basic on-page seo elements like heading, title, tags, internal and external links, and keyword density are available in this tool. Simply click this button to analyze all on page elements.
  • Keyword research tools: Keyword ideas are one click away from you. Select different keyword tools from the drop down menu in the toolbar and enter keyword in the toolbox. With only one click you can see different suggestions right in your browser.
  • Compare sites: Let you compare different parameters for different sites.


This extension is integrated in toolbar and also available separately to download. This extension simply checks the rank of any website for specified url. 
rank checker
Open the keyword rank checker from the toolbar or directly from the button available in navigation toolbar. Enter the url and provide keyword for which you want to check the rank. Multiple keywords can also be added using text or csv file. Click on start button to check the ranking.
This toolbar is designed to get data from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft SERP. This tool can quickly gather seo data with one click. You can check the top ranking keywords of your competitors and use them to optimize your site.
  • If your site is not listed in top 200 then you will see a “–“sign.
  • Hold down the number showing the rank position, press Ctrl+Click and you can see the search result directly.
  • Directly pull data for international Google webpage (Google.com)
  • Preset allows you to enter preset keyword data. This data can be saved easily using the save option.
  • Scheduled task allows you look up your keyword list daily, weekly or monthly.
  • With a single click, this data can be exported into excel format and can be used for search engine optimization.

Seo for Firefox:

Seo for firefox
Seo for Firefox is an additional extension which can be downloaded from Seobook tool page. Seobook pulls data about many important seo factors. It also has some combined options as the other two extensions by Seobook have. It appears as a small button in navigation bar.
The data is represented in tabular form. The main features include,
  • Page rank
  • Age
  • Link details
  • Directory details
  • Important factors like social share, back links etc.
  • Beside this important data, this extension introduces a detailed parameter profile below every search result with link to the resources so that it is easy to analyze and collect data from the original source. The main seo factors are same as explained above in the three extensions but the best feature is the link to the source. One can use this link to grab data with a single click.

2. SEOquake:

SEOquake is the best seo extension which helps you deal with search engine optimization, social media optimization and internet promotion. It helps you get detailed information about many seo parameters. It mainly has two functional parts. The basic seo bar and the SERP overlay.
Seoquake toolbar

Seo bar is an additional toolbar which is added to browser and it provide detail for every web page which is opened in the browser. The SERP overlay usually displays when some query is entered in search engines. A small bar with basic parameters is shown below every result regarding the query.
The basic seo parameters included in this seo extension are,
  • Page info: Provides a detailed review of the entire factor in a single webpage.
  • Google page rank (PR of the current page)
  • Semrush links
  • Alexa rank
  • Google and other search engine index
  • Social media stats
  • Internal and external links
  • Keyword density
  • Basic diagnostic tools (These tools helps you to check on page seo options like headings Meta tags, internal or external linking etc)
  • Highlight no follow or do follow links.
  • Check/Compare url is used to get information about a list of URL’s. Up to 500 URL’s can be compared at once with on single click and the details can be exported in excel or world format.
These options can be customized from SEOquake dropdown menu.

3. MOZbar:

MOZ is famous for its seo tools since 2004. They are famous mainly for opensitexplorer which gives you comprehensive overview of back links, page authority, domain authority and many other factors. These parameters are important while linking to any other page. Like thousands of links pointing to a low authority page indicates the spamy link activity.
What they say about this tool bar is one sentence.
We have got a toolbar that makes seo easier.
While surfing the web this toolbar can help you access important seo metrics. It also offers two functional parts. The same as seaquake, one is the toolbar and the other is the SERP overlay. If you have a MOZ account then you can login to access all parameters in the toolbar (Pay $99 to get access to all these tools but free version is enough to do basic analysis).

SERP overlay displays the domain authority, page authority and the links toward the page below every search result. Serp control panel allows you to filter your result on different matrics like country, region, city or name. These options can be useful to find local results. 
The basic features of MOZ bar include,
  • Page authority (An important seo factor)    
  • MOZ rank, MozTrust
  • Domain authority
  • No of links directing to the page
  • Highlight links or text.
  • Country based on ip address.
  • Get Meta info, headings, html/text ration, alt text, page attributes information, measure page loading speed and easily export data to excel.
  • Directly access to opensiteexplorer, rank checker, top page, on page grader, keyword analysis, links, index pages, traffic data and domain tool ( Most of the tools are paid so you have to sign up for a pro account to use them)

4. Firbug:

Firebug is a cool web extension which let you edit and customize the coding as you want. Actually it is a development tool but one can use it to customize the view or test the scripts directly in the browser. With the power of inspect element, you can check the coding behind the elements. Editing css, html and java script is on your fingertips. The main features include,
  • Inspect element and edit it.
  • Change css to customize the design of website as design is an important factor which is used by search engines for ranking purposes. See the changes directly in your browser.
  • Check the page loading speed. Monitor script and coding and their loading time with complete details.
  • Stop or execute any java script at any time.
  • Find errors in the coding and suggestions to remove these errors.

5. User agent switcher:

This extension let you act as a search engine bot. It adds a button and a drop down menu with many options. This extension makes some site work which usually doesn’t work on the browser. It allows them to access content unintentionally. It is also useful to see your site on different platforms at a glance.

What next

Have you ever used any one of the or you know some other. Let me know through comments and be social.


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