5 tools to take complete webpage screenshot

We are using screen capturing tools to captures videos and images of the screen but is it possible to take the screenshot of a complete web page. Yes it is possible; beside taking image from a screen there are several tools to take a complete webpage screenshot.
How to take screenshot of a complete webpage
From a designer point of view, one may want to take the screenshot of a complete page but he can only capture whatever appearing in the browser.

Taking a complete webpage screenshot may be useful for education purposes, presentations etc. So I am going to share three ways to take screenshot a complete webpage.

1. Capture full page:

Capturefullpage, a website to capture full webpage snapshot
This online tool is really amazing and easy to use. While living in the browser, just enter Capturefullpage.com in the address bar of your browser and it will take you to a website which can take a complete webpage screenshot. Yes with a simple click, you can get a high quality image of a complete web page.

Simply visit the page, enter the address in the empty bar and click “Take screenshot”. There are different options to customize the image like full page image, only top screen and different size options.

2. Snapito!
Take complete webpage images using snapito

As the name suggest, this website also offer complete screenshot capturing facility of a webpage. Visit snapito, Enter the URL of the web page you want to capture and click on Snap and you will get your desired image.

They also offer some useful bookmarking options which let you directly take images while keeping the website open in the browser.

3. Screen capture:
A tool for taking snapshot by amit agharwal

Amit Agharwal from Labnol.com has made some useful tools. Screen capture is one of his free tools which can be accessed here. This is also a free tool which let you download a full page image with a simple click.

Visit the website, enter the URL and click screen capture. It will take some time to process your
 request (Almost 20 seconds) and then give a link to download PNG image file.

Above are all the free online tools to take full webpage screenshots. Below I am sharing some useful browser extensions to take a full size image of a complete page.

4. Screen capture by Google:

This is a Google chrome extensions especially made by Google to help people take screenshots of a complete webpage while remaining in the browser. This add-on can be added directly from here in Google chrome browser.

To take a complete webpage screenshot, Click on the extension in the extension bar and click on “capture full page” and you are done. It will directly download image to your computer.

5. Firefox extensions to take webpage screenshot:

Webpage screenshot, Abduction and Awesome screenshot plus are three useful extensions which let you capture and annotate your webpage images d
irectly in your browser.

Webpage screenshot is an extension by fireshot which is really handy in taking direct images and editing them. There are several direct options available like upload, save in different formats, print, email or export.

Abduction directly let you take images by right clicking on the webpage. Select save page as image and it will make a boundary. Extend the boundary to take your desired image. This is really a handy tool to take image in no time.

Awesome screenshot is another extension which is very useful in annotating and editing the image.

So gyz, these are 5 different useful tools to take a full page screenshot. Have you used any one of them, Have some other great tools for screen capturing, let me know by making a comment


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