22 Most Wanted Blogger Widgets and Plugins for 2014

Although Blogger is not much flexible as Wordpress but it still offers many useful plugins which can be used to increase the efficiency of a blog. It is really easy to add a widget in Blogger. You just have to copy and paste some piece of coding in the template editor.

22 Most Wanted Blogger Widget and Plugins for 2014

With the passage of time, the functionality of Blogger platform increased highly with the help of useful plugins and widgets. There are many widgets released in the past years so I have gathered some of the best and useful Blogger widgets for the year 2014.

Blogger Widgets for 2014:

All of these widgets are coded by professionals so no need to worry about bugs. These include highly professional Blogger widgets which will bring awesomeness in your blog.

1. Facebook invite friend Blogger widget

 Facebook invite friend Blogger widget
This is recently shared by MBT on their blog. One can easily invite friends from Facebook to see your content through the invite button. When invite button is pressed, a popup window opens which allows you to invite maximum 50 friends from Facebook. Click on send request and your invitation is directly sent to your friends while remaining on the same page.

2. Facebook like Box Widget with Timer
Facebook like Box Widget with Timer

If you want to get Facebook likes with ease then it is the simplest method. Whenever some visitor visits your blog, this Facebook box will pop up and remain open for some time. Reader will click on like or he will wait for some time.

3. Next and Previous Post Title Widget for Blogger
Next and Previous Post Title Widget for Blogger

The default Blogger templates have simple navigation buttons which are not much user friendly. So here comes this awesome replacement. This widget shows the post title of next and previous post. You can check the live preview of this widget on MBT blog.

4. Scrolling AdSense ads Blogger widget
Scrolling AdSense ads Blogger widget

This Blogger widget shows AdSense ads whenever the readers scroll the specified distance. This increases the blog loading speed hence giving more professional and cool look to AdSense ads.

5. Sticky Floating Bar widget with random post titles
Sticky Floating Bar widget with random post titles

This is the updated form of Sticky Notification Bar Widget. The modification shows random post tiles in the sticky bar. It can be used to show important notifications or different posts of your blog.

6. Social media subscription widger
Social media subscription widger

This cool Blogger widget include social media icons and a professional looking email subscription box. Social media buttons include Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Rss feed and YouTube subscription buttons.

7. Blogger threaded comment with counter widget
Blogger threaded comment with counter widget

Most of the newly designed Blogger templates are already coming with this amazing Blogger widget. This beautiful Blogger widget shows threaded comment system in Blogger blog. First MBT released the comment with counter widget and then it was modified to a threaded comment widget. It is easy to install and makes the design more stylish.

8. Floating social media sharing bar for Blogger
Floating social media sharing bar for Blogger

This bar keeps on floating with the page scrolling. This is the most recommended widget for any Blogger as it helps the reader to easily share your content on different sites.

9. Blogger Accordion widget
Blogger Accordion widget

One can show different sections of the blog posts with this accordion widget. This simple widget have EXPAND/COLLAPSE feature which shows drop down scheme of links. One can make different categories or series section with this widget.

10. Popular Post widget with auto numbering
Popular Post widget with auto numbering

Blogger popular post look is enhanced by a little CSS code. This code makes the widget more professional and user friendly. Show most trending content with their numbers through this bubble countdown widget.

11. Custom Contact form widget
Custom Contact form widget

Contact form is officially available in Blogger widget collection but the look is not much attractive. So, MBT has modified it a little bit to make its design cool.

12. AdSense Booster plugin for Blogger
AdSense Booster plugin for Blogger

MBT has already released many plugins related AdSense but this one is really awesome. This plugin will show AdSense right after “Read more” or Page break option. This helps you to enhance exposure of AdSense ads and you can earn some extra dollars.

13. Post view counter
Post view counter

Post counter widget shows total number of views of a post directly on your page. This is really cool to show your visitors that how much page views your posts is getting.

14. URL redirection in Blogger
URL redirection in Blogger

Actually this is not a widget but it works like a plugin. With this plugin, one can redirect its readers to other pages like download pages without leaving the original blog link. This gives more professional feeling to the readers.

15. Facebook activity feed widget for Blogger
Facebook activity feed widget for Blogger

I have already listed Facebook invite friend widget in this list. This is also one of the Facebook cool widgets. This widget shows the most discussed and shared posts of Facebook and also recommend new stories to the readers.

16. Facebook floating slide out like box widget for Blogger

Facebook floating slide out like box widget for Blogger
Facebook slide out like box is a cool widget which floats out on mouse hover. This like box floats along the webpage like a sticky bar.  

17. Twitter flying bird Blogger widget

Twitter flying bird Blogger widget
This is the mostly used and highly recommended Blogger widget. This widget floats all along the page and attract reader to click on it.

18. Link within Related post widget for Blogger

Link within Related post widget for Blogger
Link within is a popular service through which you can show related articles below a post. A modified version of this widget is proposed by MBT team. You can check it on their blog.

19. Achieve calendar

Achieve calendar
Blogger allows to show your archives in hierarchy manner. Achieve Calendar is the modified form of this widget. This shows highlighted dates on which a post is published.

20. Social media sharing widget below post for Blogger

Social media sharing widget below post for Blogger
This massive widget shows beautiful subscription icons which attracts the visitors. It include Email subscription, Social media sharing and subscription box.

21. Label Cloud widget

Label Cloud widget
Blogger label widget is modified into an attractive cloud widget with the help of css. One can show its blog categories in a more attractive manner.

22. Sliding related post widget for Blogger

Sliding related post widget for Blogger
This widget shows related posts when the page is scrolled to the bottom.

 Final Words:

I have shared most commonly used Blogger widgets and most of them are coded by MBT. To use these widgets on your blog, visit the link attach with each widget. Don't forget to tell your experience about these widget.


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