How to add Facebook like box to blogger?

Facebook like boxes are everywhere. Every brand has their social following on Facebook which shows their authority and people interest in them. To get direct follower to Facebook fan page, Facebook like box is the best option. This like box helps the users to directly join your community with a single click.
facebook like box for blogger
I have already shared some Facebook widgets for blogger. /In this article I will show you that how one can add Facebook like box to blogger blogs.

Here is a complete video tutorials for your help

Benefits of adding a fan box:

  1. Fan box helps you to show your authority on social media. People will get influenced if you are having a large social media following.
  2. Facebook fan box helps to increase Facebook likes without leaving your web page.
  3. You can show your following directly on your website.
  4. Show your recent page activity on Facebook.

Facebook like Box widget for Blogger:

Facebook fan page widget helps you to increase your likes and social media following. To add this widget to Blogger, follow these simple steps.
1. Copy the URL of your fan page. It should look like
2. Replace probloggingtricks with your page name.
3. Go to Facebook Developer webpage by clicking here.
4. Replace the link in Facebook page URL option with your Facebook page link.
Facebook like box for blogger
5. Press enter and it will show you the preview of your Facebook Like box.
6. Click on get code and choose Iframe from the available options.
Facebook like box for blogger
7. Copy the code from Iframe option.
8. Login to your Blogger Dashboard and go to Layout ==> Add a gadget.
Facebook like box for blogger
9. Choose Html/JavaScript from the list and paste the copied code in step  .
10. Click on save and place the widget according to your required position.
11. Preview your blog webpage to see your cool Facebook like box.

Additional options:

You can also adjust the height or width of the fan box by choosing selected options on developer page. One can remove header or border and also show the friends faces.

What next:

Add this cool widget to your blog and share your experience with us.


Preety Uzlain said...

Please share some articles based on YouTube video optimization

Adeel Qamar said...

Thanks for your comment dear, i will definitely try to post some articles about YouTube optimization. For time being, follow this page for other YouTube posts.

Mydhiliram Vogeti said...

Thanku nice post it helped me to add fb like box to my blog.
It will be nice if you add how to adjust the width and height.

Adeel Qamar said...

i have explained the width and height options in the video tutorial.

Simran Johal said...

Can you please tell me how to publish post from blogspot to facebook page will be of great help..reply asap

Adeel Qamar said...

@simran, you will find this helpful

dato natriashvili said...

can you tell me how to add facebook fan page in my blog when I have "Dynamic Views"?

Adeel Qamar said...

@dato natriashvili This method is also applicable for dynamic view.

gossip lanka said...

Thank you so much friend. it helped me to add a facebok like box.

Anonymous said...


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Aamir Saleem Ansari said...

nice tutorial bro, keep it up, and also thanks for sharing this awesome thing with us..

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