5 tips to improve domain authority

There are many articles on Internet talking about "How to increase domain authority" or "improve domain authority". Domain authority is a metrics introduced by MOZ which explains the importance of a website on internet. It is the most trusted metrics by SEOs after Google page rank depicting the online reputation of a website.

Increase domain authority
How to improve domain authority

What is domain authority

There are many definitions available for domain authority but the most suitable one is given as
Domain authority is a metrics which depicts that how well a website as a whole will do in the search engines. It truly describes the power of a website on the web.
This metrics is based on logarithmic scale and its ranges from 0 to 100. It is really difficult to achieve a domain authority of 100 even 70 or 60 but some websites like Google and Facebook have managed to achieve it.

A similar factor is Page authority. The difference between the both is, domain authority is more related to the whole site while page authority is limited to only one page or post.

How Domain authority is calculated

Domain authority is dependent on many other factors, some of them are given below.

How to improve domain authority

There are many reasons to improve domain authority as it gives more visibility in search results. Even if someone wants to advertise on a website, he will check the domain and page authority of the website. So you need it if you want a good impression on the internet.

First of all let me make it clear that you can't change domain authority by yourself like you can change the image attribute or HTML of your website but you can struggle to improve it. These are some practical ways to improve domain authority.

1. Create quality content

I am writing it first in the list because all other ways are highly dependent on it. This formula that content is king will always remain true in term of a website reputation. If your website is having SEO friendly content then ultimately it will get more targeted readership.

  1. Read related blogs, it will help you to get new ideas and keep you updated about your niche.
  2. Use headings, bold and italic format to describe your content well.
  3. Do on-page seo means optimize your title, add meta description and meta tag, use alternative tags etc.
  4. Use images to make your content spicy.
  5. Use list and quote option to highly important part of your content.
  6. Post regularly as it helps to increase authority.

2. Build high quality links

The first requirement of highly quality links is already satisfied if you are having good content on your website. People will only link to your content if they feel that you content is worthy enough to link. Check link profile of your website. Remove bad links and explore opportunities to gain good links.

Search engines are more likely to show your content in the search results if you are having a lot of links directing toward you from related website. Website with bad link profile or unrelated links are already penalized by Google. So be careful and always use white hat ways to build quality links.

  1. Produce quality content.
  2. Do guest posting but be careful as it is already flagged by Google.
  3. Do content marketing to increase your exposure.
  4. Share your content with the influencer to get quality links from their websites.

3. Social media signals:

Your social media presence truly dictates your presence on internet. I have already explained the importance of social media presence and the role of Google plus shares in the search result. The more your content is shared on social media, the higher your results come in search engine.

  1. Be active on social media sites and post consistently, interact with the people and try to answerer there problems.
  2. Optimize Google plus for traffic and authority following.
  3. Add social media gadgets to your blog to increase your followers.
  4. Share your post in related groups so that it is noticed by your audience.

4. Domain age

It is obvious that old domains will have more authority as compare to new domains. You have to build it by yourself. When someone buy a domain, its domain authority is zero. The domain authority increases when someone publish content on that domain and get serp exposure. 

  1. Buy old domain through auction on godaddy.
  2. Choose niche domain name with high pr.

5. Strong interlinking:

As you can see in all of my posts that i link my content to old posts. This helps me to keep the old content alive. Interlinking of your content provide a breadcrumb structure to your content and helps search engine understand your website well. 

  1. Use proper anchor text as they are used by search engines to rank the content.
  2. Do link with web pages which are related to your post.
  3. Add a "nofollow" attribute to the links which are not of your website.

How to check the domain authority of any website

Opensiteexplorer is a tool provided by Moz. This tool provides the information regarding Domain authority and Page authority of any website with total number of links directing toward it. This is one of the best internet tool to check the outbound links, internal links, anchor text of the links and the DA and PA of the websites linking to you domain.

Enter you website in the blank space and you will see this result.
Increase domain authority

This shows the domain authority of the whole of website and the page authority of the home page. Usually page authority of the home page is more than domain authority because most of the links are directing toward your home page.

Linking root domain shows the total number of domain linking to your home page. In the bottom section you will see these options.
Increase domain authority
  • Inbound links are the total number of links toward your website. This section shows URL of the linking page, anchor text, DA and PA of the linking domain.
  • Just discover shows the links which are newly generated.
  • Top pages shows the top web pages of you website in the search engines and their authority.
  • Linking domain shows the URL of the root domain and its authority.
  • Anchor text explains the keywords or phrases which are used to link your website.
  • Compare link metrics and Advance reports are available to the paid subscribers. 
Mozbar allows you to check the domain and page authority of any website with in the search results in Google or other search engines as well as on the original page.  It also shows the total number of links toward a web page.

Increase domain authority


Here comes the end, you can struggle to increase the domain authority and the only way is by creating a lot of linkable content.

What next you can do?

1. Check you domain authority
2. Follow the above tips to improve it
3. Share your valuable comments if you like the post


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