How to export or import a template in blogger

Blogger is an excellent platform to share your thoughts, educate people and share your experience. You interact with people, know their responses and make new friends. One thing that is most prominent on your blog is the blog design. If you have a user friendly blog then everyone would love to subscribe to your blog.
How to add a template in blogger

How to backup/restore a template in Blogger

Many online templates are available to make your design awesome but how to install them or how to backup them is the question asked on many platform. I have also shared a nice collection of blogger templates. If you want to backup or restore a blogger template then here is a quick step by step tutorial for you.

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Adding a new Blogger template:

To add a template in blogger, you need the xml file and a blogger account.
How to add a template in blogger

1. Sign in to your blogger account and go to
Template ==> Backup/restore
2. Click on browse and choose xml file provided in the blogger template.

How to add a template in blogger

3. After choosing, click on upload and wait for some time.
4. When it says successfully uploaded means your new template is applied, you can see the changes by clicking the preview button.

Creating a backup of blogger template

It is necessary to keep at least one backup of your blogger template. This backup can be used to restore a template if something goes wrong with your template while editing. Creating a backup is really easy. Template is exported as a XML file. 
1. Same as above
2. Click on "Download full template"
3. Save your template at your desired location, usually it is downloaded in C:\...Download

Don't forget to make a backup of your blogger template. If you find any problem, feel free to ask me.


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