How to add css code easily in blogger templates

It is really difficult to customize a blogger template if you are a beginner or don't have any technical skills. Blogger uses XML as its core language with CSS as its design code. Css code helps you to customize the design and layout of your website. You can adjust the location, size, colors, fonts and much more with simple Css code.

How to add css code easily to blogger templates

If you find it difficult to add or edit a css code then here is a simple option for you to add css code easily in blogger template.

Methods for adding CSS codes in blogger template:

There are two methods to add css code in blogger. First method is easy and fast while the second method is a little tricky and recommende
d for experts. But before doing any kind of editing, don't forget to back up your recent blogger template.

To create a backup of blogger template, simply go to Blogger template tab and press on Backup/restore button and click on "Download full template" to get your backup.

Adding CSS using Template designer:

If you are a newbie or don't have knowledge about designing languages then this method is for you but the only condition is that you should have the Css code along with you. This method allows you to see the changes with the change in code.
  • Go to your blogger dashboard and go to Template ==> Customize
How to add css code easily to blogger templates
  • Here you will see your blog preview along with a list of tools. These all tools are available to customize blogger template if you are using default blogger template. For dynamic templates, you have to do editing manually.
  • In blogger template editor, click on advance ==> Add css
How to add css code easily to blogger templates
  • Add the css code in the empty space given below. You can see the changes in the live preview just below the blank space. 
  • After doing all the editing click on "Apply to Blog" and you are done.

Adding CSS code by editing the template:

  • This method is recommended for those who have some knowledge about template editing. 
  • To edit your template, go to Template ==> Edit Html
    How to add css code easily to blogger templates
  • Now press ctrl+f and type the following code in the search box.  /b:skin
  • Once you find it, paste your CSS code above this code and click on save template. Preview your template to see the required changes. You can also see the changes by pressing the preview button while living in HTML editor. 

What next:

These are two simple methods to add css code to blogger template if you don't have any technical skills, you can easily edit the css code of your website and change the design as you want.


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