5 top advertising networks for publishers 2014

There are many ways to earn money with a website if it has good number of visitors. One can do affiliate marketing, write paid reviews or by selling direct advertisement but if any one of these is not possible for you then monitoring your blog with advertising networks is the best option for you. 

top advertising networks 2014

People come in blogging with the concept that it is really easy to make money with blogging but it's not true. Continuous hard-work is required to make a website worthy enough to earn from it.

Best ad networks for 2014

You will find many ad networks on internet which offer advertisements but many of them are scam. So selecting one which will really pay you, is a difficult job. I have already written a series on Best Adsense alternatives and in this post i am going to share th
e best advertising networks list for publishers.

1. Adsense the best advertising network

You will always find Adsense at the top in the advertising network list because they are the best in the industry. Adsense is the best display advertising network which allows publisher to earn money by displaying ads on their blogs, videos or by adding search engine.

Getting an approved account of adsense is really a dream coming true because they are very strict in their policies and will only approve your website if it is good in design, content and user experience.
top advertising networks 2014 
Some features:

Ad types: Text, image, rich media, flash, link units
Payment methods: Wire, check, western union 
Minimum Payout:  $100
Official links: http://www.google.com/adsense/start/

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2. Buy sell ads

If you want to make huge money from your blog then buysellads is the best option for you. Buysellad advertising network allows you to make money from your website by selling space of advertisement. It is very big network of advertisers who are seeking websites related to their products. 

To get approved, you need to register by filling some details about yourself and your website through their.sign up pag.

Some features:

Ad types: Graphical banners of different sizes
Payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer, wire transaction 
Minimum Payout:  20$ for PayPal, $50 for bank transfer, $500 for wire transfer
Official links: http://support.buysellads.com/help_center

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3. Media.net

A joint venture of yahoo and bing also known as Yahoo bing ad network, is one of the most popular advertising network. Their simple implementation and customizing options makes them different from others.
top advertising networks 2014
Some features:

Ad types: Display
Payment methods: Wire, PayPal
Minimum Payout:  $100
Official links: http://contextualads.yahoo.net/features.php

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4. Infloinks 

Founded in 2011, Infolinks has become the choice of many publishers because of their in-text ads and their smart design. They offer really smart ads which do not mess your blog. You should have minimum traffic as per their requirement and approval is easy to get even for small publishers. 

top advertising networks 2014Some features:
Ad types: Display, in text
Payment methods: ACH Transfer, eCheck, Payoneer, Paypal, Western Union
Minimum Payout:  $50
Official links: http://www.infolinks.com/support

5. Chitika 

With a network 300,000 publisher, chitika is one of the best advertising network. Their accurate analytics system made them different from others. Their ads can be used along with other ad networks. 

It is really easy to get approval from chitika and code implementation is also very easy. Although their payment is not comparable with adsense but still it is a good alternative for adsense. 
top advertising networks 2014

Some features:
Ad types: Display, in text
Payment methods: Check, PayPal
Minimum Payout:  $10
Official links: http://support.chitika.com/

What next :

Go find your suitable network and apply for it. I suggest you to apply for all of these advertising networks. Test them all and find that network which is suitable for you. If you have some query or find something difficult, you can contact me.


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