10 tips to make user friendly website

You can see millions of websites running on the internet. All of them are offering something unique. There is a lot of competition and you need to be unique enough to get noticed. There might be the people who head to your website and close it instantly. It's because they find something wrong with your website. It may be the design, the colors or something else.

Tips to make user friendly websites

How to make User-friendly website?

So here i am going to tell you that how can you retain as well as get new readers for your website.

1. Design

Your website design is going to be the leading factor when we talk about your reader. Unique content without a proper design is like scrape. If you blog is unfriendly then people will start ignoring it.
You can see the examples of big brands and check their websites. They have a professional domain name and logo which makes a big difference. Customize your main areas like header, sidebars and footer to get maximum attention from the audience.

2. Navigation

Make your website user friendly by adding simple navigation bar which shows the main categories of the website. One can use drop down menu to show sub categories of the website. Add labels to each post to categorize your content and don't use more than 2 tags for each post. 

3. Content

Content makes you different from other. People will visit your website again if you have useful content and you are adding creative things on daily basis. Keep your blog updated with related news and do targeted posts to get more audience.  

4. Have a Logo

Logo makes you different. You will see every big brand with a designed logo and they use it on every advertising board. Same is the case with you. It is an online image which your reader is going to remember. Get a professional and unique logo and don't try to copy others. Show it at the top so that user can remember it.

5. Color

Use user friendly color scheme on your website which suits your design and the niche. The choice of color can also depend on your logo style. Use contrast color and the best option is Black text over white background which makes it easy to scan the content.

6. Add search functionality

Add a simple search bar in the right side bar or at the top right side so that user can search your website. It will help you to get more traffic and page views for your website.

7. Presentation

It is better to understand the behavior of your user. An average user on internet skims through the data so it is better to use small paragraph. Divide the content using headings, sub headings and lists so that reader can instantly find whatever he is searching.

Use block arrangement for your website and make every part distinct from the other. 

8. Speedup your website

Website speed is and important ranking factor and will help you get more organic traffic. Try to speed up your website by using simple design and seo optimize images. Use css to design your website and avoid heavy images, videos and scripts.

9. Use images

Images can make content really go well. Use related images to make you content more attractive. Don't crowd the page with too many images as it may distract visitors. 

10. Make it clear

Be careful while writing. Always propose your point in the start and then try to explain it. Content without proper scheme doesn't make any sense for the reader.

Your opinion

All of these tips will help you to make your website more user friendly. If you have something else to share then mention it below.


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