Privacy Policy

This page is intended to provide information about privacy of our users on this website. This page will be updated only when necessary.

User privacy policy:

We care for the privacy of our user and the data driven from user such as email, web cookies, IP address, web history, browser details and even surfing site information is highly sensitive and kept completely private.

Log files:

Like other website, this website also uses log files which include your IP address, ISP, the browser you are using, the webpages you have visited and the time of visit. This data is may be used to provide better experience to our readers.

Cookies and Web beacons:

This website uses cookies to provide better experience to its users. If you care about it then disable the use of Cookies and beacons for this website by your browser. To disable the use of cookies, please consult your browser instruction panel.

About Google advertising:

Third party vendors including Google uses cookies to provide better experience to its users. These cookies are used by Google to display ads based on your visitors and other websites using Google advertisement programs. Any kind of tracking done by Google, Inc. or any of its product is subjected to their own privacy policy.

Google uses DoubleClick dart cookies to serve best ads based on the user experience. When a visitor use website using Google advertising program or click on the ad, a cookie may be dropped on the user side in the browser. The data gathered by these cookies is then used to serve best ads on their site and across the web. User may opt out of the use of DoubleClick cookie by visiting Google ad and network privacy policy.

For more please refer to Google Privacy policy page.

About advertisement:

This website may offer banner advertisement, serve any advertising company ads or affiliate ads. These ad companies may use cookies to provide best ads to its user. The cookies used by these advertising companies are subjected to their own privacy policy. We are not responsible for the use of cookies by these advertising agencies. To make yourself safe, disable cookies in the browser.

If you are using this website then you must agree by the Privacy Policy of this website as described above

If someone have issue with our privacy policy or want some modification in this page, he can contact me for this.
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