Complete blogger tutorial in Urdu and Hindi

"Blogger tutorial" is a free video series which helps you understand basic component of blogger platform, its main interface and its effective use. Blogger is a free platform which allows you to share your ideas, your thinking, news or anything on internet absolutely free. It can be your personal diary, a class room blog or a meeting place for a group.

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Blogger tutorial in Urdu & Hindi
Video tutorial in urdu

Blogger tutorial in Urdu & Hindi is a free web series started by Probloggingtricks to help those which are new to Blogger. These video tutorials provide essential training for which is required to understand the things more effectively.

What you can learn from these tutorials?

In these video tutorials, I have covered all the options of Blogger. Every tab is explained in detail. Videos are hosted on YouTube and Daily motion. Beside this, English transcription is also provided along with tutorials which can help you to further understand things.

From creating a new blog to publishing your first post, every tutorial provides a detailed overview of different options. Start watching from first tutorial and in the last, you will be able to publish post, understand stats and deal with the typical setting interface of blogger. 

I have also included some extra videos which will help you in understanding important factors of Blogger.

Complete list of Blogger video tutorial:

Here is the complete list with links. It is recommended to watch all tutorial to understand things more effectively.

What will you learn in this series?

What is Blogger?
  • Popular blogging platforms.
  • Advantages.
  • Limitations on usage.
Blogger tutorial 1: Create Gmail account for Blogger.
  • What is Gmail?
  • How to create a Gmail account?
  • Benefits of Gmail account.
Blogger tutorial 2: Main interface introduction.
  • Login to dashboard.
  • Main interface options.
Blogger tutorial 3: Create new blog in Blogger.
  • Setting up your new blog.
  • Setting up your first template of your blog.
Blogger tutorial 4: Overview tab.
  • How to use overview tab?
  • Overview tab components.
Blogger tutorial 5: Post tab.
  • Published post tab.
  • Draft post tab
Blogger tutorial 6: Creating a new page in Blogger.
  • Features of new page.
  • Creating static page for your blog.
  • Creating a web page.
  • Draft option.
Blogger tutorial 7: Comments, Google + and stats tab.
  • Comment section.
  • Google plus section.
  • Stats section.
Blogger tutorial 8: Layout and earning tab.
  • What is layout?
  • How to use layout?
  • What is Google AdSense and how to make money using AdSense?
Blogger tutorial 9: Template tab.
  • Back up template.
  • Upload a new template to Blogger.
  • Changing mobile design of your blog.
  • How to customize design?
  • How to edit Blogger template?
Blogger tutorial 10: Setting tab.
  • Basic settings.
  • Meta tags.
  • Email and notification settings.
  • Search preferences.
Blogger tutorial 11: Writing your first post.
  • Post editing options.
  • Post setting options.
  • Adding images and videos to your post.
  • Publishing your first post.
Adding custom domain to blogspot blogs.

Template customization guide.

Now you have watched all the tutorials and I hope you have learnt something new. I will continue to provide free video tutorials for different software’s so subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me on Daily motion. To get all tricks direct into your computer, subscribe to rss feeds of this blog.

What next?

Thanks for watching all these Blogger video tutorials. Share these tutorials with your friends to let them know about new tutorials. Share it on Facebook and twitter. It will be extremely helpful for me.


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